Aztec Twist (Eric Gjerde): Pearlescent Paper

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Aztec Twist (Eric Gjerde): Pearlescent Paper

The paper choice wasn't the best, but I was happy that I managed to complete this tessellation without too many problems. I'll have to fold this again with better paper.

Paper: hexagon with a side length of 7.5cm (from a 15cm square), mother-of-pearl paper
Model: hexagon with a side length of 4.7cm


rabit ear triangle sink folds

hi sara does this model use rabit ear triangle sink folds?

Rabbit ear triangle sinks

Yes, it does, that, and hexagon twists and triangle twists.

-- Sara


where can you get the paper you used forr the model

Pearlescent paper

Try searching for pearlescent origami paper. It is sold at different origami stores online.

-- Sara

model looks fine to me...

I think you've done a great job folding this. When i folded the Rhombic Flowers it was a disaster. By the way, I think Eric has a crease pattern of the aztec twist on his website.