Authored Articles

Here's a list of articles I've written that are published on other sites:

Video Creation Guide

These articles are published both here and in OrigamiUSA's The Fold.
Making Video Diagrams: A Comprehensive Guide (November 2010): happyfolding, The Fold
Video Diagramming: Asking for Permission - the Why and How (January 2011): happyfolding, The Fold
Preparing for the Recording - Materials and Insights (March 2011): happyfolding, The Fold
Recording the Video - What to Watch out For (May 2011): happyfolding, The Fold
Editing: How the Magic Paper Works (September 2011): happyfolding, The Fold
Finalizing the Video - Closed Captions, Uploading, and the Like (December 2011): happyfolding, The Fold

Book Reviews

"Spiral: Origami | Art | Design" by Tomoko Fuse (June 2012)
"Origami for All" by Ioana Stoian (June 2013)
"Origami Butterflies" by LaFosse and Alexander (July 2013)

Convention Reports

BOS Autumn 2013 Convention: Edinburgh, UK (September 2013)


Interview: Sara Adams - Promoting Origami (TheFold, March 2013)
Interview: Sara Adams - Teaching and Spreading Origami (Neorigami, February 2013, access: neorigami)


"Patty Bat" by Talo Kawasaki (October 2012)
"Star Hilli" by Klaus-Dieter Ennen (December 2012)


Diagrams and Videos: Valentine's Day Models (February 2011)
Publicizing Books Online (July 2011)
Tessellations and How to Get Started (June 2012)