Michael G. LaFosse's Origami Butterflies: A Field of Discovery Through a System of Design

AuthorRichard L. Alexander and Greg Mudarri
Pages103 pages (with 15 models)
Table of contentsView at ODB
ReviewRead review by Gilad Aharoni
PublisherOrigamido (2007)
ShopsBuy at Origami USA or Origamido or Origamido (Video DVD)
In my library sinceJune 2009

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Sara where did you get the

Sara where did you get the book? I read that they don't send copies outside the U.S. Did you go there for holidays and you ordered the book?

Ordered from OUSA

I ordered the book from Origami USA, there was no problem with getting it delivered to Germany.
[Edit: I added the link to the Origami USA shop just now. Sorry for having forgotten to add it before.]

-- Sara