Vixen (Román Díaz)

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Vixen (Román Díaz)

Paper: 24cm square of light brown/white kami
Model: 13.5cm long, 10cm high, 3cm deep

This fox is also displayed on the cover of the book "Origami Essence". I was very surprised to see that basically every fold has a reference, and this first fold from simple kami looks astonishingly similar to the cover shot. This truly speaks for the quality of the design and accompanying diagrams.



hi i just saw you were planning to make a video for this and i wanted to know how soon are you going to make it

Very soon!

Actually, the video is already recorded. I'm waiting for a final ok form Roman Diaz, and then I'll upload the video.

-- Sara

Sara please make a video on

Sara please make a video on this !!!!!!i have also posted a comment on the book so please check that too!!!!!!!!!

I loved this

I wanted the book specifically for this model.. I gave up once just because I couldn't sink it right.. But thanks to your tutorials on making open and closed sinks, I understood what I had to do and finished the model ^_^

Link to mine:

But somehow I couldn't make it stand up as straight.. I have to do this again! And I don't even mind.. I enjoyed making it.