DVD: Hatching Chick (Peter Engel)

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DVD: Hatching Chick (Peter Engel)

I've been meaning to make DVD backup copies of my videos for a while now.* This is my first attempt with burning labels on the DVD using LightScribe. I'm quite happy with the result. :)

* Yes, I already have a backup of the files, just not on DVD thus far.



Amazing ^_^

A very good idea indeed, and I'm sure the designers are just as amazed :)



Wow Sara this is awsome!!!What are you going to do the dvds that you will make?


Ah, they'll just sit in my shelf. And if anything bad happens to my computer and my backup system, I at least still have the rendered videos (in the highest quality I've got).
I've also started offering designers a high quality version of the video on DVD (and have sent out two thus far). That's also why I looked into into printing labels, I want those DVDs to look nice. After all, the designers are being really generous when they give me permission to make a video. I want to show them that I appreciate it, and at least send them a small token of that appreciation.

-- Sara