Spiral (Tomoko Fuse)

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Spiral (Tomoko Fuse)

I saw a picture of such a model in an exhibition book that featured Tomoko Fuse's work. You cut two sides of an isosceles triangle, and then use the flap to fold a spiral. Depending on the angles you choose while folding the spiral, the result will take different shapes. I decided to try my best to fold the angles evenly, thus resulting in a spiral that lies central on the third side of the triangle.

Paper: 19.5cm square of transparent paper



does this have cuts?
if so i might be able to make it

2 cuts

Obviously there are two cuts, so that you can fold out the long triangle. No other cuts are required.
If you want, you can also cut off the very tip of the triangle, but it's not strictly necessary.

-- Sara

does tomoko have a site?

im just wondering if she has one?

Not that I'm aware of

I don't think she's got a website, at least not one that I'm aware of.

-- Sara


could u pleeeeeeezzzzz show how to make it? it is so cool!