Bricks (Ilan Garibi)

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Bricks (Ilan Garibi)

Paper: 35cm square of Tant
Model: 15cm by 15cm by 2.25cm



Try Kim's Crane, they have the biggest supply of origami paper I have ever seen. They are in the US. Hope this helps:)


um.. i now this is a weird place to ask, but is there a site as good as origami-shop thats in america?

there is

a good place in america to get origami supplies is paperjade
they have tons of variety
i get most my paper there

Depends on what you want to get

I don't know, to be honest, but I'm not aware of a shop that offers the selection Nicolas Terry does. Some papers, e.g. Tant are readily available in US-based shops, too, of course.
So it really depends what you want from his shop. Also, if you can't find a different source, origami-shop does deliver worldwide.

-- Sara

Do you know if Origami Shop

Do you know if Origami Shop delivers in America?

she just said in the post you

she just said in the post you replied to that they ship world wide

and last time I checked America is on this world :P

where are the diagrams for

where are the diagrams for this

No diagrams

This model has not been diagrammed yet. Ilan taught it at the Italian convention this year.
However, Ilan has given me permission to make a video on the model, so I'll try to make something work next year.

-- Sara

next video?

I love the look of this tessellation Sara. Could your next video maybe be on this model? You havent done many tessellation model videos. That would be great

Not the next video

Ah, my next couple of videos are already planned for. I can check with Ilan re possibly making a video on this model in the future, though.

-- Sara

Two Questions...

Question 1: Are those two models, or two pictures put together?
Question 2: What square grid that?


Re 1: It's two pictures put together.
Re 2: A 32 by 32 grid.

-- Sara