Two Peacocks (Jun Maekawa)

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Two Peacocks (Jun Maekawa)

After having folded the simpler version of the peacock, I decided to also fold the one with the more elaborate feathers. Perhaps father and son?

Paper: 15cm square of blue Tant, 26.5cm square of green Tant
blue peacock: 7cm high, 9cm wide, 3.5cm deep
green peacock: 11.5cm high, 14.5cm wide, 6cm deep


Use of this image

Hi there,

Just to let you know that I'm hoping to use your image (above) with full credit on our university Facebook page. Our campus in Perth, Australia has 6 peacocks that live with us and we use pictures of peacocks in our social media messages - I thought this one was a bit different and would be worth sharing. Happy to link back to your site for credit.




Feel free to use the image. I would ask you to include credits as well as a link to this site.

-- Sara

it a nice compromise between

it a nice compromise between a peacock and some tessalation would love to creat something like this

Steps 56-58


Can you please explain what you have to do in steps 56-58 as i do not understand what you have to do with the paper to lock the fan of the peacock.


Hey Sara,

Can you make a tutorial on this?

Many thanks


Not in the near future at least

This peacock is diagrammed in "Genuine Origami" by Jun Maekawa. I just published a video on a rabbit from the same book, so I don't plan to demonstrate another model from the book in the near future. Hope you understand,

-- Sara