Star Saya (Carmen Sprung)

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Star Saya (Carmen Sprung)

Paper: 8 sheets of paper, 7.5cm by 3.75cm
Model: diameter of 7cm


Stern Saya

I really like this model, too. I found that when using 7.5 cm paper, folding from a triangle produces a thinner and neater module. It is a variation shown in C. Sprung's new book.

Variation on Stern Saya

Great folding, Sara! What type of paper is that? In Origami USA at a special sessions, I learned this model. Louise Flax also taught us a variation, and maybe I can make a video tutorial on my youtube channel to do it- origamimaster4716.


Paper type

It's paper that has golden and silver specks on it, not sure what to call it. It's Japanese, so I can't read the label. :(
As to a video - as long as you ask Carmen Sprung before that sounds like a nice idea to me. :)

-- Sara