Troll on Skateboard (Quentin Trollip)

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Troll on Skateboard (Quentin Trollip)

Paper for the skateboard: 15cm foil paper
Finished model: 13.5cm by 4cm by 1.25cm

Sorry, no diagrams for the trollip...


is the troll norwegian?

is the troll norwegian?



where you say "sorry no diagrams for the "trollip"

its troll not trollip

nothing to do with the skateboard

um.. if you have origami to amuse why dont you make something from it?

Ah, sweet time

I haven't really found the time yet. And when I did find enough time to fold something, other models tempted me more. I admit, the book "Origami Essence" captured me more. However, I have already marked a couple of models from "Origami to Astonish and Amuse", which I want to fold sometime in the near future.

-- Sara

not to be rude but its troll not trollip

not to be rude but its troll not trollip


Nope. His name is Quentin Trollip.


in the little picture i thought the troll was origami too!


does its wheels turn!