Snowflake (Dennis Walker)

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Snowflake (Dennis Walker)

Isn't this a beautiful snowflake model? And it's quite easy to fold, too.

Paper: hexagon from a 19.5cm square of transparent paper (side length: 9.75cm)
Model: diameter of 9.75cm



I followed you to the end, but the last folds just have me confounded.

can I use

Can I use butter paper instead of a transparent paper?

Give it a go

If I am thinking of the right paper, then, yes, butter paper should work well for this model.

-- Sara

butter paper for any other model

What about using butter paper for any other tessellation model? eg: hydrangea or clover folding?
Will that help to create an alternative for transpaernt paper?

Trying is the best way to find out.

You can always try. I'm not sure how easily butter paper breaks. For the snowflower you don't really have to reverse folds, but for tessellations you often do. If the paper breaks easily, then it's not as suitable for tessellations. If you want to test this, fold the paper back and forth a couple of times, making strong creases each time. If the paper breaks in that crease, then that might also happen when folding the tessellation.

-- Sara