Two new articles for The Fold

It is my pleasure to anounce two new articles which I authored for Origami USA's The Fold.

After having completed the next set of tessellation technique videos, I felt it'd be good to give a summary of the videos I've done on tessellation so far, in particular with respect to helping people get started. Thus came about Tessellations and How to Get Started.

And you might have already seen my video where I rave about the book "Spiral: Origami | Art | Design" by Tomoko Fuse. I've now also written a review on this fantastic book, including more details on the contents: Review: "Spiral: Origami | Art | Design" by Tomoko Fuse

-- Sara

Kim Komando Cool Site of the Day

Kim Komando, America's Digital GoddessGood news! Kim Komando selected happyfolding as her "Cool Site of the Day" on April 26th 2012. Thanks for the feature!

If you headed here from I recommend you either get inspired by visiting the gallery, or start folding along to one of my instructional videos. Of course, feel free to explore the rest of the site, too. You might find some hidden treasures.

Enjoy the site. And happy folding!