Kim Komando Cool Site of the Day

Kim Komando, America's Digital GoddessGood news! Kim Komando selected happyfolding as her "Cool Site of the Day" on April 26th 2012. Thanks for the feature!

If you headed here from I recommend you either get inspired by visiting the gallery, or start folding along to one of my instructional videos. Of course, feel free to explore the rest of the site, too. You might find some hidden treasures.

Enjoy the site. And happy folding!

Origami Design Secrets, 2nd Edition

Origami Design Secrets 2nd Edition by Robert Lang

Today I finally got round to adding most of my new origami book acquisitions of the last half year. Amongst them is also "Origami Design Secrets, Second Edition" by Robert J. Lang.

As someone asked whether it was worth the buy if you already had the first edition, I figured it'd be helpful to point out some differences and my thoughts on the question.

The first thing you notice when holding the second edition is that it's heavier. That's no surprise, as Robert Lang made some substantial changes - much to the joy of many origami enthusiasts. The first edition impressed with 594 pages full of high-quality content going into techniques, mathematics, and folding instructions. The second edition tops that by an extra 176 pages, an extra 30% of content! It's noteworthy that chapter 14 on algorithms (10 pages) from the first edition was removed in the second edition. While very mathematically inclined may have enjoyed the mathematical formulas and very theory-heavy chapter, I believe for most origami enthusiasts the tradeoff of removing this chapter to make space for other content was a good one.