Time Lapse: BFCC (Robert Lang)

Model type: 
Difficulty Level: 

Initial paper size: 20cm x 198.5cm (approx. 8in x 80in)
Finished model: 30cm x 15cm x 5cm (approx. 12in x 6in x 2in)

Folded in 5 1/2 hours.


Is this the hardest model you

Is this the hardest model you have folded?

Most complex models folded

No, not by far. I'd say the most complex models I've folded are the Ancient Dragon by Satoshi Kamiya (http://www.happyfolding.com/gallery-kamiya-ancient_dragon-adams-front) and the eagle by Nguyen Hung Cuong (http://www.happyfolding.com/gallery-nguyen-eagle)

-- Sara


at the start it look like your house, or you are moving, i don't know... it creates a great effect!
how do you fold this???? you aren't asian!! ;-)

I was wondering what kind of

I was wondering what kind of paper you would recommend for this model

Haven't tried this, but...

I believe tissue foil would be a good paper choice for this model.

-- Sara

thx for the fast response :)

thx for the fast response :)

precise measuring and cutting

hi sara :)
this might sound like an odd question, but how did you cut such a long piece of paper accurately?
i was just wondering, because i feel like i have enough origami skills to make the BFCC,
but i can never seem to get a ractangle 10:1 cut accurately :(

im sorry to ask such a silly question, but if theres anything you could suggest, i would greatly appreciate it :)

Cutting a long strip - precise enough

Actually, the paper wasn't cut that precisely, but precisely enough to fold the model.
Here's how i cut the paper:
First, I made a rough cut around 12cm or so. I rolled the paper, so cut through several layers. This was just to get rid of the other paper and make more precise cutting easier. I then unrolled maybe half a meter at a time, and marked 20cm at a time, and cut with a ruler and knife.
After this I measured the length, double-checked, cut. The paper was too long. I then cut off a small strip, but I miscalculated, and actually cut off 1.5cm too much.
I couldn't be bothered to do another round of cutting, so simply modified the design as I went along, making the pendulum those 1.5cm shorter.

Hope this helps,

-- Sara


how can you answer this but not answer my question about step 87 to 99 or to the bird

Because it's a very different query

Explaining steps of a diagram is very different to writing something about how I cut paper. That I can do right off without need for further research. It's also much easier to put into words.
You should probably realise this yourself.


Im never going to make this again

ive worked 2 hours and some where between 10 and 20 maybe 30
and you where right ***Dont use kraft or craft paper***


At any point, did you nearly give up on this model?


For this one, no. I wanted to give up on the scaled koi a couple of times, though.

-- Sara

origami design secrets

Hi Sara!!
I love your videos!!!!
I'm from Mexico, and I want to buy the book "origami design secrets", but, where can I to buy the book here in Mexico????
I hope your answer

Stores that sell the book

Check http://www.happyfolding.com/book-lang-origami_design_secrets for links to online shops that sell the book. In particular, I guess you could order the book from Amazon, and pay for the extra shipping costs. You can also try Book Depository, which claims to have free delivery world-wide.

-- Sara


Should an intermediate-high intermediate folder like me try this? I've only completed the swan, ray, yellow bird and pegasus out of WoSK.

Give it a try

I think you'd be up to the challenge.

-- Sara

would you be willing to

would you be willing to attempt to try and make instructions as a video for this model?


What kind of paper did you use for this model? Where could i buy it?

Packaging paper

I used packaging paper that I got in a post office. You know, the stuff that you might wrap parcels with. It's not great paper, but at least I could get a long roll of it to avoid gluing several sheets of paper together. 10 by 1 is quite an ... odd ratio.

-- Sara

Wow, that's just amazing

Wow, that's just amazing !!
Have you attempted the koi fish that is in this book?

Planned, not completed

I've practiced the scales a bit and such, but haven't completed one yet. That is, not one with scales.

-- Sara

I bow to you :D

Excellent job Sara! I also have the book and I must say that I don't have the courage to make it yet (the most complex model that I folded up until now I think is Satoshi Kamyia's Ancient Dragon, 4 times :D , but I find The Cuckoo Clock to be much harder, or at least more time consuming - from what I saw in the diagrams). And you managed to fold it all in one day!! That's...wow! And I thought I was enthusiastic about folding a model :))..Bravo Sara! I supposed you folded the model on a weekend, 'cause if it were a working night, the next day you must have called in sick at work or something in order to get some sleep.. Congratulations again!

Cuckoo Clock vs Ancient Dragon

Ah, the Cuckoo Clock is MUCH easier than the Ancient Dragon, believe me. It can also be folded much more quickly. It took me 5.5 hours for my first try, and the Ancient Dragon took ... longer. If you've mastered the Ancient Dragon by Satoshi Kamiya, I don't think you have anything to fear from a mere Cuckoo Clock. It doesn't spit fire.
As to weekend, yes, it was on a Saturday, I think. A spare 6 hours on a working day are ... well, non-existent. :)

-- Sara


Thanks for the encouraging words Sara :D ! Maybe I'll make time one day and fold the Cuckoo Clock. Happy folding!


I fold also and i must say its hard work ppl :D so ill say ... nice hard work Sara :D

cuckoo clock diagram

i was thinking. Could you could scan the diagrams from the book?


Most definitely not. You may buy the book and thus get the diagrams for the model. Amazon, for example, sells it.

Wow nice model, i bet you

Wow nice model, i bet you needed a good chiropractic after that!:D I haven't seen any video like this, it's fun! :)

Very impressive Sara. Now do

Very impressive Sara. Now do it one-handed :)

Isn't this enough?

Isn't folding it one-dayed enough? I guess I have to step it up a notch! ;)

-- Sara

I was wondering if you would

I was wondering if you would attempt this model. Good work! I'm impressed!

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