Time Lapse: Birdbase Chess Set (Joseph Wu)

Adams, Sara
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Low intermediate
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A 30 Seconds Origami Chess Set by Joseph Wu

I'm not sure why this wasn't posted here before, the video's from summer 2007.


It will be very difficult to play without a board... I can't fail to notice that you began by playing e4-e5. You could try the Orangutan for more originality.

Plz Plz Plz, make a slow video for each piece, i cannot figure out the last fold before the start of the queen.

I used to have videos up on this, but then restructured my crediting of authors/permission etc. Therefore I took the videos down. I later decided that the quality of the videos was too poor to upload them again. I don't really have plans to make new videos on these, but maybe the online diagrams are sufficient?

-- Sara

Hi Sarah,

I bumped into your timelapse video on youtube folding the chess set designed by Joseph Wu and I was mesmerized not only because of the speed you can proficiently fold but also because someone can actually fold it!

I've been trying to fold the Joseph Wu chess set for years, but I'm stuck and could really use some help. I created a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7WsqJ8DXk0) to the stage I can actually get to and I realise I'm just a really seasoned newbie origamist! :-)

Would you be able to share your videos privately (ie. via Dropbox) with me? I really, really would like to fold this at least once in my life. It's in my bucket list (sad, I know...).

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