I'm designing!

I'm a member of the origami forum at http://snkhan.co.uk/..., and they pose a design challenge every month. This month (August 2009) the challenge was to submit a new design that (1) only needs up to 30 folds to be completed and (2) is inspired by a super complex model. I've never designed before, but the challenge did tempt me.
Eagle by Sara AdamsThe result is my first own creation. It's an eagle that was inspired by Hung Cuong Nguyen's eagle (2008). I finished diagramming the model just now, and have made it available in the diagrams section.

Please do let me know if you find errors or if you have trouble with some of the steps.

Also, the month is not over yet, so why not give designing a try yourself?

Happy folding, and happy designing,

-- Sara


Hi Sara!
Wow! That is an awsome model for the criteria!
And good job on making a self-design model!
Whenever I try, I just end up with some bird thing with no head, or one wing, or three legs.....
Great Job!

you are a very talented person Sara in creating your own designs.
i hope i can do it, like you did!

Wow!That's a nice eagle you designed!As expected from an origami expert

Thanks for the post. WOW... I canr believe that it is your first experience. Looks very good!!! My congratulations. You should try more))) As for me I have never tried such thongs, but your success made me think and I also want to try myself in it!!!!

that's awesome!! i wish i can do that too :) ..
you're so talented .

wow that's all i can say !!! YOU'RE GREAT SARA. GOOD LUCK

I think you have a wonderful design! Keep up the good work!

What will be your further plans on designing?
What model will you do next?
PLease do a tesellation next i love them.

This is a wonderful idea, the design requires you to this kind of thinking Oh!

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