Website launched

I've finally decided to launch I hope you enjoy the site - whether you're an origami guru, new to folding, or just interested in what's out there. The site still needs a couple of finishing touches, but I'm working on it. One of the things that I will look into changing is getting thumbnails for video playlists. Currently only individual videos have thumbnails. Sorry for this! Anyways, I wish you: happy folding!


Full Rigged Ship

i would be really great to put a video of this im only11 and pretty good at origami but i am stuck on this model

Patricia Crawford

I fear I didn't succeed in contacting Patricia Crawford back when I tried, so I will not be making any videos on her models available. Hope you understand,

-- Sara

congrats on the website sara

congrats on the website sara its class:)
thanks for the amount of effort you put into your videos and your website its brilliant that your doing it i hope you continue it!!

Hi love the site! your

Hi love the site! your instructional videos have been incredibly easy to use, thank you for putting the effort into your work!


I cant's find the Satoshi Kamiya's book in any bookstore, and I don't trust the web. All I ask for is a Chocobo video - not "hey look I made my chocobo make one too" but one showing how it's folded.
Pretty please?

No permission thus far

I haven't tried to contact Satoshi Kamiya on permission yet, partly because I'm not sure I want to make videos on his designs. The chocobo is one of the easier ones, but he mostly does super-complex origami, which I don't think is suitable for instructional videos. And I don't feel like making videos that are several hours long. :P
So, for now, there won't be videos on Satoshi Kamiya's designs - even the less complex ones. By the way, the book is available for sale at
-- Sara

Very cool stuff. First

Very cool stuff. First website about folding I have come across.

Thank You For the diagrams ( for the spinning top)

Thank you you for givivng me this great link! Today I had some free time and finished the model. I have been wanting to do this model ever since I saw its intricate patterns and swift action. The diagrams were quite clear.

Diagrams for the spinning top

I tried finding Manpei's email Address, but I was unsuccessful too.
Can you tell me where you got the diagrams for the model? Thanks.

Diagrams for the spinning top

Try for diagrams for the spinning top by Manpei Arai.

Spinning top by Manpei Arai

Can you please make a video on the spinning top by Manpei Arai? (or let me know were were I can get the diagrams.) I appreciate your efforts.
P.S. You made a very extraordinary site! Keep up the great work!

Contact details missing

I'd love to do instructions on that model, but haven't been successful in finding contact details for Manpei Arai. And without permission, no video.
Any pointers as to how I can contact Manpei Arai would be greatly appreciated.

Spinning top by Manpei Arai

Dear Origami friends,

My name is Shifuko, grandchildren of Arai Manpei, living in Japan.
Today I was doing net-surfing and found this page and knew
there're some who want to have contact with my grandfather, Arai Manpei.

He joined Origami convention in 2000 in Paris, taught how to fold "koma (in Japanese)".
I and my family are very happy to know that many people enjoy koma all over the world.
He didn't use internet nor e-mail, so it's almost impossible to find his e-mail address,
actually that doesn't exist ;) ☆

Sad to say, he passed away in Octber 19th, 2005, because of brain attack.
As you know, he loved origami. He will be glad if you make a video, we're sure.

Thank you for this great website.


hey...can u make me a video of that red dragon in satoshi kamiya`s book please.....and may you please give me you email because i wanna discuss some stuff with you:P

cool pictures

cool pictures

Great blog.... very

Great blog.... very interesting niche

Thanks for opening the site

Thanks for opening the site and providing useful information

a good job done

a good job done
very nice site
will help those like me who like the subject

i miss origami. "practiced"

i miss origami. "practiced" a lot in my younger years. i should get back into it. good vibes.

Great Site

As the subject says, what a great site! Thanks for the hard work! I'll check back often...

Instruction for full rigged ship

Thanks for the information.
Do you know were you get the diagrams for the full rigged ship by Patricia crawford?
Thanks again.

Where to find diagrams

Diagrams for that model are in Robin Harbin's book "Origami Step by Step", page 57.

full rigged ship

First of all, thank you for making the origami model videos. I enjoy learning from your videos. Would you please redo ( reput) the video showing how to fold the full rigged ship by Patricia Crawford? I appreciate it.

Unfortunately not

Unfortunately, my effort in contacting Patricia Crawford have been unsuccessful. She left the origami community several years ago, I think somewhere in the 80s. Without her permission, I don't want to make the video available.


ok,thanks sara

christmas presents

I really like your origami and i started doing origami myself about 2 monthes ago and i am already folding intermediate models. Do you think i should give origam as a christmas present?

That's for you to judge

What you give people as a present is a choice you have to make. If you think they'd appreciate it, why not?

uhm about the lobster from Montroll

Do u know how to fold that?

Yes and no

I probably have diagrams for it, but haven't attempted it yet.



Triangle Box for Wedge Flexicube by David Brill

Dear Sara,

Would you please be able to make a video of the Triangle box for the wedge flexicube soon? I have the wedge flexicube all folded (thanks to your video instructions) but would like to make the box too as I wish to gift it to a friend.

Thanks in advance,


the chocobo is my favorite model i hope you put a video up. I can't wait to fold it. thanks:)


I am a huge origami fan and have been doing it for an year. I thank you for your videos which gives accurate detail. I have done some models with the help of your videos and I really appreciate you posting origami videos on youtube. You are a good mentor.

P.S. May you please post a video of an elephant by Robert J Lang. Its from the book "The complete book of Origami". Thanks.

Maybe later

Currently, I don't have access to that book, so I don't have diagrams to it. I'll look into it further.


when are you going to post more videos? I can't wait to see them


when i checked all your videos on youtube, i saw they were out of order. why is that?

Correct order here

I'm re-uploading my videos to YouTube with slight modifications. Mostly it's just stating more clearly who designed the models, and where diagrams can be found. So on YouTube the videos are now totally out of order. I've ordered the videos here, though. The dates that are given for the video postings correspond to the dates where I created the videos (rather than when I posted the videos here).
Meaning: if you go to the instructions overview, you'll see my newest videos listed first. Same with techniques, reviews, animations, and vlog overviews. I'm too lazy to specify when I took the photos I post here, though...

COOl dragon and tetrahedron

COOl dragon and tetrahedron but could you make a video of how to make origami fireworks


i love the fire works fold its one of my fav to do. i would like to make a video too. what do i need

On the to-do now

I'll look into it.


can you post a video showing how to make the five intersecting tetrahedra?

Try this!

I might do one some time in the future, but there's actually quite a good video on this out there already:


thanks, I can't wait to see those videos

Box for Wedge Flexicube

Hi Sara,

Would you please be able to put up a video to show how the box for the wedge flexicube is folded? It would make the set complete! And of course Congratulations! on launching this wonderful website where all your work is accesible with a click :)

Thanks and regards,

On my to-do list

It's on my to-do list now. We'll see when I find the time!

Most hearty WELCOME !

Checked my crystal ball, obliged to inform you that this will be one of the most sought-after origami websites ever !
This is quite a labour intensive project . Let us know how we can best help !
Wishing you website hits on the order of the " 39th Mersenne prime " ! :-)


Oh, I hope your crystal ball is right! But why not the 44th Mersenne prime?! Oh well, I guess the 39th will do, too. ;)

Whoops !

I choose " 39th Mersenne prime" 'cause " the 44th " would have been a bit ostentagious/excessive ...
( Certainly, of course, not because I am mathematically behind the times ! Heh,heh..)
Not every one of us is poised precariously on the edge of their chairs, awaiting the 10 millionth digit !
I do, however, wish you " bunches and bunches" of website hits, and most importantly, a healthy measure of enjoyment with your nifty website !


i hope you can show more modular designs, I love modular origami

Modular origami

I'm planning on making more modular origami videos - although I do enjoy fold from a single sheet of paper more.


Congrats on your site Sara:) Cant wait to explore it:)

Not much to explore for you!

Aw, you already know all my videos, don't you? There's not much new stuff for you here. at least right now!
Actually, I'm just waiting for people to tell me how unrealistically I rate the difficulty of models, like "That's not simple!". I guess it's my sadistic streak making me smile about that just now.


I think you rate them pretty well so far, the geosphere was simple, I thought it would be hard hehe, and the sea urchin was hard, it was one step I couldn't do, but never mind that. Keep up the good work:)


Awesome page can u put the digagrams for chocobo? (yellow bird)


I might make a video on the chocobo, but probably not in the next month or so.

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