Editing: How the Magic Paper Works

The fifth article in my series on video diagramming has been online for a while now, but I'm only getting to announcing it here now. This next article is all about editing the recorded video: http://www.origami-usa.org/thefold006_video_diagramming_editing

Previous articles:

  1. Making Video Diagrams: A Comprehensive Guide http://www.origami-usa.org/thefold001_video_creation_guide
  2. Asking for Permission - the Why and How http://www.origami-usa.org/thefold002_video_diagramming_asking_for_permi...
  3. Preparing for the Recording - Materials and Insights http://www.origami-usa.org/thefold003_video_diagramming_materials_and_in...
  4. Recording the Video - What to Watch out For http://www.origami-usa.org/thefold004_video_recording

The next article will go into adding closed captions, as well as announcing your video. With that my series will conclude.

Happy reading,

-- Sara


Great article, and I have to admit, I love your writing style. I wish I could write as good as you do.

BTW, do you write strainght in English, or translate from a original in German? I know it has nothing to do with origami, but I had to ask...

Great to hear you enjoy my articles. :)
I write them in English right away, much easier than writing in German and then translating - at least for me.
I do lots of work in English, so it's quite natural for me to write in English.

-- Sara

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