Box and Lid (Dave Brill)

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Box and Lid (Dave Brill)

Paper: 21cm square of Swedish Kraft skin (70gsm)
Model: 4.2cm by 4.2cm by 4.2cm

Please don't ask me where to buy this paper. It was a gift from Deb, who sent me some of her supply of this beautiful paper. Unfortunately, the producers went out of business in 2002, so it was a great pleasure for me to get access to some of this paper. Thank you, Deb, for your generosity!

As to video instructions, I'm in the process of editing my recording now. The video should be up within the next week, if all goes well maybe even this weekend.



just look up BOX AND LID (DAVID BRILL) on youtube!


not to be rude but at the top there isnt a link to the video...

Fixed now

Thanks for making me aware of it. I added a reference to the video just now.

-- Sara


what paper is that it works on that box!

Most paper suitable for origami will work

I've found that most paper types work for this model. I'd recommend you use paper that isn't too soft, does not break when folded back and forth a couple of times, and isn't all too heavy.

-- Sara


how would i get my name on the side so instead of Anonymous it says a "nick-name"

Just add it when commenting

When commenting there's actually a field where you can leave your name. If you don't add / change the value, it'll be "Anonymous".

-- Sara

i dont see a field...

i see one when i post a comment on a video
just not a picture


Ha, you're right. I fixed that just now. Should work on for future comments. :)
Thanks for making me aware of it.

-- Sara

Finally a undate

for a couple days i thought you left the site