Elephant Hide: Cutting 15cm squares

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Elephant Hide: Cutting 15cm squares

This is a bit of an odd picture to post, but I thought I might take the opportunity to show off some elephant hide (Elefantenhaut). I'm doing a friend a small favor and cutting some 15cm squares of elephant hide for her. I bought all the shades I have access to, and this is a work in progress shot. The sheets in the back show the starting size, the strips are those sheets cut lengthwise to strips of width 15cm. And the squares on the top are the first ones I cut from those strips.
I think it's a bit of a pity to cut this paper to such small paper sizes, but it's much easier to mail sheets of that size, and it's the size Deb said she preferred most.
Well, I'm back to cutting now!

Oh, and I know you want some online sources. I've always bought elephant hide in shops (offline), but it seems these online shops also carry elephant hide:

US-based stores:

Germany-based stores:

I'm sure there are more (especially in Germany), but it should get you started.


Sara do you know any store

Sara do you know any store that sells green elephant hide?

Green elephant hide out of production

I think the green elephant hide went out of production some years ago. So I'm not sure there are any shops left that sell it.

Sorry for the bad news,

-- Sara

Oh ok it's fine i just

Oh ok it's fine i just thought that it would be nice to fold the bullfrog by Roman Diaz because as you know it's the suggested paper and it gets quite nice based on the pictures in the book


You can get one of the lighter shades and paint the elephant hide green.

-- Sara


Tell me that isn't real elephant hide.
If not, what is it?

No elephants were hurt during manufacturing

It's a paper called elephant hide. Not "real" elephant hide. C'mon, seriously!

-- Sara

2 reasons I asked this.

1: you never know.
2: I wanted to hear your response

2 reasons I answered this.

1: you never know
2: ah, well, you never know ;)

-- Sara


Enough said.


After many hours of cutting the squares are done. In total I cut 192 squares. I tried to work accurately, and as you can see on the picture I think I succeeded. :) Elephant Hide 15cm squares


how did you get that image on the comment?

The advantage of being the site's owner

Ah, I fear I have slightly more privileges on this website than visitors. ;)

-- Sara


nicely cut! ^_^ Did you use a guillotine type cutter or did you use a cutter/blade? That's really good.. Oh wow... I wish I get to fold with tant and elephant hide and origamido paper one day ^_^ I have never even folded foil paper... I just have normal 6x6 in kami and 8x8 in semi transparent paper which i use for tessellations..


Ruler and cutter

I cut these with a ruler and cutter. Yes, all hand-cut. :)
I don't have a guillotine, it would have definitely been much faster that way!

-- Sara

shops where youc an get it from in the UK

Hi Sara

In your links for the elephant hide paper you only included
Germany and the US, do you know any shops in the UK that
can sell it

I don't know a source in the UK

I don't know. If you find a source, do let us know - I'm sure other visitors would appreciate it.

-- Sara

How big are the sheets you

How big are the sheets you started with?

70cm by 100cm (approx. 27.5in by 39in)

I bought 70cm by 100cm sheets. This means I can cut 24 squares with a side length of 15cm from one sheet. And there's some strips left over for smaller sheets.

-- Sara

Elephant Hide Paper - UK Supplier


You can get this excellent paper from Shepherds Falkiners in London. It is a bookbinding paper shop but also sells many other exciting papers and is a great shop to visit. It is near Holborn. The elephant hide paper is under their 'parchment surface paper' section.


I also found this page amusing as someone above had asked if there was elephant in the paper! Rhino Poo paper containing elephant dung, if someone out there is brave and wants to try some of this.