Freising 2010: Assia Brill's Display: Pajarita Mosaik 2



Wow, this is suprisingly cool despite its simple design. I want to know how to fold it!

My thoughts on how one might fold this

I *think*, but am not quite sure, that this is one of the pajarita mosaiks that uses the technique Assia taught at the convention. You need: squares of different sizes, the knowledge of how to fold a pajarita. See for example: - but make a color-change for the head. The side lengths of the starting squares are as follows:

The first, third, fifth, etc squares are each a quarter of the previous square. For example, you might use squares with a side length of 16cm, 8cm, 4cm, 2cm, 1cm, etc.

The second, fourth, sixths, etc squares are also each a quarter of the previous square, but the biggest one will have a side length that's exactly divided by square root of 2 of the first square (above). You can for example start with the same size square as above, then blintz, and cut off the corners. Then quarter the paper over and over to get the other sizes.

Once you've folded pajaritas with a color-changed head from all of the sheets arrange them as shown on the photograph. There might be a smart locking mechanism - I cannot tell from the picture. However, if you look closely, you will be able to see where each pajarita starts and ends. tucking the wings in the back into some pocket might help secure the mosaik.

-- Sara