11-Stage Clover Folding (Shuzo Fujimoto)

Fujimoto, Shuzo
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Square Grid
Paper ratio: 
Review of the paper used: 

Folding this model is just about the best activity for killing time on the airplane! This picture shows it with 11 stages (left) and 7 stages (right), just to show you how they compare.
Trivia: The creases are about 3mm apart in the orange, 11-stage version. In the green, 7-stage version the creases are about 5mm apart.

Paper size: 19.5cm transparent paper (approx. 7.5in)
Model size: 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 1cm (approx. 3.3in x 3.3in x 0.4in)


that is really cool

You'll have to show us the result! I think folding 11 stages from a 6in square will be a bit of a pain, but still quite doable. The creases should be about 1/10 of an inch apart, which does mean you have to work precisely, but I think tools won't be strictly necessary yet.

-- Sara

I just completed an 11 levels pyramid with a 90 cm standard paper. It took about 15 hours altogether. Here are the pictures:

This intended to be a prototype. Now I'd like to try more levels and with a nicer paper. Some kind of coloured washi maybe ?

It IS really good at wasting time! I just folded an 11-stage, out of about 80cm by 80cm paper though, and it took forever, probably about 15 hours added up! Mine doesn't look near as clean as yours though, it's hard to fold big paper accurately.

An 80cm square is huge! Well done, you. Did you make a picture of it?
Oh, and folding accurately isn't easy with small paper, either. ;)

-- Sara

Sadly I have not taken a picture of it yet, but once I do I'll be sure to post it here! I was hoping it'd pop up like a pyramid but the paper was too soft so it's pretty flat, oh well.
I've also folded the flasher big bang by Shafer from the same size, and it took just as long...I agree, small paper is just as tricky though.

hey sara i challenge you to fold satoshi kamiyas unicorn

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