Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto)


7-stage Hydrangea

I made 7-stage hydrangea from 21cm^2 paper. It is an usual paper. But as you said it is difficult, specially to make last two steps. So I used my hair-stick to make last steps. Still it is not so neat.

Here is a link to folded model along with hair-sticks.

Once again thanks for your video.

Best regards,
Archana Morye.

Well done

Nice tiling, must have been a lot of work! My tiled version only has 5 levels, see http://www.happyfolding.com/gallery-fujimoto-hydrangea_tiling

-- Sara

did you

Did you use tissue foil for this hydrangea and what is the size of paper you used to make a six staged hydrangea?
One more doubt-have you tried a seven staged hydrangea?
If so please do tell me the size of paper you used


This picture shows a model folded from untreated mulberry. It was very hard to work with, and the folding is quite inaccurate.
I have folded a seven staged hydrangea from a 20cm square of double tissue.

-- Sara