Rotating Tetrahedron (Tomoko Fuse)

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Rotating Tetrahedron (Tomoko Fuse)



Why do you always contact the designer to make a video on their model.
Instead you can directly do a video

Getting permission

I contact designers mostly out of respect. It is their creation, and in my opinion they have the right to decide whether others teach their models. Some designers (partly) live from book sales, or they may have other reasons for not wanting others to distribute the folding of their models.
Another reason is that (at least in some countries) making such videos without permission infringes copyright law, i.e. it is illegal. I can't tell you exactly where it's illegal or not, and long discussions have taken place on it within the origami community. But the first reason (respect) is sufficient in itself to warrant getting permission first, so I don't plan to dive deep into the copyright restrictions.

Hope this clarifies it a bit,

-- Sara


So have you contacted the designer for this model?
Did hre reply

Not tried yet

No, I haven't contacted Tomoko Fuse yet, so she hasn't had the chance to reply yet.

-- Sara

The "4th" picture

Hey- thanks for your contribution to Origami. On pages 16 and 17 of Origami for the Connoisseur, Tomoko shows 4 pictures of the rotation. Your picture above shows the three that I see as well in my model, but I can't get my model to rotate into that 4th one (the one on the lower left in the book). There must be something I'm not seeing. Help?

4 stages

When you twist the model round, you have 4 stages. In the book, a model with different patterns is displayed, so the stages are very obvious. If you don't have patterns try starting with the stage where you have a parting visible (not shown in the picture). Twist - that's one stage, twist again, next stage, twist again, final stage, twist - and you'll see the parting from the beginning again.


Hi ! I was wondering if the video is coming.....

Not heard back yet

Unfortunately, Tomoko hasn't answered my request thus far.

rotating tetrahedron

could you please post a video showing how to make this model? thanks


Yes, it's definitely a model I want to make a video on - this year, if possible. I'll have to look into contacting Tomoko first, though.

do you have a vido on how to

do you have a vido on how to make a Rotating Tetrahedron (Tomoko Fuse)