Star Box (Robin Glynn)




I made and finished this model but when ever ! try to open up or close the box the pieces (on the lid) all come apart. Did yours fall apart or anything like that or did it stay stable?


Hm, mine is stable enough to

Hm, mine is stable enough to open and close the box. It has also survived a bit of transport in shoe boxes and bags. Did you check that the locking mechanism is in place correctly?
Having said this, I think Robin Glynn did develop a slightly different version of box and lid that have a stronger locking mechanism, but he hasn't had the chance to diagram those yet.


I made it. It is beautiful, but in some way is a little bit unstable....
I really like it.
Thank you to put the diagram and the picture. I had a little trouble with the change to 3 D. In that point the diagram is confusing. After a while... thinking in : "this should be a box"... I figure how it should looks.



I love this star box!!! Do you have an instruction video that shows how to make this star box? I would love to see the video and learn to make the box.

Thank you!



Planned, but not done yet

Hi Sylvia,

I'll probably be doing a video on this model. Robin Glynn told me he gets quite some queries, especially about making the modules 3D, so I think it'd be a good idea. We'll see when I find the time. Christmas unfortunately didn't leave any time for origami.