6-sided Star Box (Robin Glynn): Instructions

Paper ratio: 
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I recommend using stiffer paper for this model. I've had especially good results with foil paper. For the model shown at the beginning of the video I used some foil-paper-foil sandwiches, which is usually a pain to work with. But you don't need to make many creases, and invert almost none of them, so it's an easy enough project for that kind of paper.


request and thank uz

thanks 4 ur videos. they're fun and easy especially for me. though i would like to download them so that if i forget i can just look at the video instead of having to wait for the video 2 upload. could put links or post them all on youtube? :)

Already on YouTube

Um, these videos are all on YouTube already. :) I'm just embedding them here.
You can get the URL for the video by clicking on the up arrow (in the bottom right corner of the video box).

-- Sara

where'd you get the foil

where'd you get the foil paper anyways

I buy it locally

It's widely available here in Germany. However, it is very hard to work with and I really don't recommend it, unless you are a very careful folder.

Very good, and Very well explained Tutorial

This Tutorial is very well explained, and all around GOOD! Its quite funny actually, after i made that first corner, she said "Now make 5 of these" I was thinking "OH MY GOD!!!!" :P


please make a video on the 3 headed dragon by montroll. thanks!


this looks awsome can't wait to make it if you have time can you tell me how many things you can make out of paper i can make 53 things but not all of them are hard.

Who knows...

I fear I really cannot say how many models I can fold. That depends on how many diagrams you give me. ;)
As to how many different models I have already folded, again I don't know. I'm quite sure there's more than 53, though. :p

-- Sara

Thanks a lot!

Hey Sara,
Thanks for this wonderful piece of video. I kinda managed it in about two days.. :D For sorting out the bottom i used a big heavy weight to actually sit on it.. So that the bottom flaps won't come out so much XD

Cheryl Lee

;; good eplaining but its soo hard

awful ;;p ahh sorry i cant fold anything

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