Crazy Jack and Crooked Witch (Andrew Hudson)

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Crazy Jack and Crooked Witch (Andrew Hudson)

Here are two models that are just about perfect for Halloween. The pumpkin-orange does go well with the somewhat crazy looking Jack-O-Lantern, and I believe the green complexion suits this lovable witch quite well. Although, I have to admit, my husband sees a frog with a hat. Ah, you have to take them as they come. :)

Crazy Jack:
Paper: 15cm square of duo Swedish Kraft paper, orange/black
Model: 7.5cm high, 7cm wide

Crooked Witch:
Paper: 24cm square of tissue foil, green/black
Model: 23cm high, 12cm wide



Hi Sara, I saw your witch video, are you going to do one for the Jack?

Sorry, no extra video this month

No, at least not this year. But there are diagrams for it (referenced above the image), so you can give those a go.

-- Sara


Oh thanks, but I tried and it wouldn't let me get to the diagrams for reason. Maybe it will later

Try this link

The link on the page isn't formatted correctly. Try this:

-- Sara


Thanks! :D


As awesome as the models are, I just can't seem to see a witch. I'll have to go with your husband on the frog thing. I don't know what to see!