Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly (Michael LaFosse)

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Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly (Michael LaFosse)


Hand Fabricated Paper

My hand fabricated papers work beautifully for this model, showing off both the model and paper exquistely. My paper is very forgiving, and most unusual can be unfolded "mended" and reused - the previous folds disappear. A complex process, taking much time to create, this is certainly a benefit!! I hope you enjoy looking at three of my papers.!/photo.php?fbid=249778475151229&set=a.193733010755776.39425.100003572344233&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=249778475151229&set=a.193733010755776.39425.100003572344233&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=249778678484542&set=a.193733010755776.39425.100003572344233&type=1&theater

My own Butterfly

Hi Sara! I've actually designed my own butterfly model, base doff this one. You may like to know that I named it after you. It's calles the Adams Swallowtail Butterfly. Keep folding!

what a beautiful recreation.

Awesome butterfly, i wish i was that deft with my hands to make something like that.

Butterfly Origami

It's actually pretty easy, compared to lots of other origami creations. You can watch the step-by-step video that shows you how. It's at

Hope that helps :)

Thanks :)

Hi Sara,

Thanks a lot for provinding a link to Michael LaFosse's instructional video on your site. I had been looking for this particular design for quite a while now....

I wrote about it in my blog and have also referred / linked to your site on my post. I hope that's alright with you. Do let me know in case otherwise.

No worries

I'm happy for others to link to my page. And I did notice. Every now and then I check my referrers, and so I did check your page just today. :)

-- Sara


that is amazing. imagine that you made that with your own hands. your definatly talented and i wish you all the luck in the future.

wow your very talented! i

wow your very talented! i loved the butterfly!


wow!its really nice.brilliant work!i loved that butterfly.did you make this by paper.i would like to suggest you that you should open a store where you can sell all these beautifull things.because it will help us to collect some new and beautifull things like the butterfly and also at the same time you will be able to earn some profits! thanks....nice work!


can you please make a video on the alexander swallotail butterfly for my moms birthday
plz plz plz respond

A video can be found on

A video can be found on
Click "Fold more models!" in the top right corner. Now click anywhere on the "Origami Now!" field, and then choose the second video from the right.
I fear I won't be making any videos on Michael LaFosse's models. The reason being, he makes videos himself (and sells many), and they are in excellent quality. If you want to learn other butterfly/moth models, check his DVD Origami Butterflies and Moths. As far as I know it also includes instructions for the Mudarri Luna Moth.

-- Sara

What is the site for the vid

What is the site for the vid that it shows you how to fold the butterfly? please tell.

The link is already posted

The link is already posted above the picture:
Diagrams: Video by Michael LaFosse:
The site has changed a bit ( more videos!), so here's how to find the butterfly:
Open, and then click "Fold more models!" in the top right corner. Now click anywhere on the "Origami Now!" field, and then choose the second video from the right. Finally, enjoy!

-- Sara


wow your very talented! i loved the butterfly!

I've done two so far.....

Nice! I have done only 2 so far...all from his web site!!!

Do tell me, what color scheme did you use for this peticular model?

Paper used

I simply used paper that has a pattern on one side, and solid colour on the other side.



To me the pattern looked abit more complecated, but i gess it's just the "folding illusions"

this looks so beatiful

this looks so beatiful

The video won't finish playing:

I've fallen in love with this particular butterfly, but the videos from the links above will not play fully.

I only get about 25% of the way through before the video resets itself.

Will someone please upload diagrams or videos? Much thanks.

I loved this butterfly

I loved this butterfly :)...the video clip referenced in above messages does not show all the steps....can anybody please share complete video/link to the same??
Thank you.

The video is complete. Which

The video is complete. Which steps do you think it is missing?

-- Sara