Scaled Koi (Robert J. Lang): Back View

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Scaled Koi (Robert J. Lang): Back View

Paper: 96cm square of Kozu, 45gsm (37.75 in)
Model: 52cm long, 37cm wide (including fins), 14cm high (20.5in by 14.5in by 5.5in)



does the koi have a closed belly?

Not really

No, not really. You could try to join the two edges of the model, but I think then the fins would be pressed too much underneath the body.

-- Sara

Cant stop looking...

Sara, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
ps. which was harder for you to fold, this one or the cuckoo clock? if they were both the same difficulty wich one took longer to make?


BFCC vs scaled koi

This model took much longer to fold. I'd say about 3 times as long.
As to difficulty, it's harder to say. The basic folding is probably easier for this one, but the size and the type of paper I used made it more difficult. Also, I did quite a bit of calculating to decide where to put the scales etc. Altogether, the koi was a more challenging project.

-- Sara


one last thing,is the folded koi supposed to be bigger when there is no scales,because the head looks rather big

but the book only teaches how

but the book only teaches how to fold a koi....not a sclaed one unless you followed the chapter just before the diagrams page.....and can u make a gallery page on the turtle with pattern on the book?


Instructions in ODS, and turtle

Well, the book does include that chapter, so it does include how to fold the scaled koi. :) True, it leaves some work to the reader to figure out the details, but those I may want to include in a video of mine. We'll have to see when/whether I find the time.
I haven't folded the turtle yet, hence no picture in my gallery.

-- Sara


Hi Sara ,i'm Nagashi and i want to ask you .Can you make a tutorial for a little koi pond please just a little ok goodbye


Video on the koi

I will try to do an instructional video on the koi in the next couple of months. Not sure what you mean by a koi pond, though.

-- Sara

恋 (-__-)



I am SO! sorry i wrote this comment in japanese then translated it... it didnt say what i typed :(

this has nothing to do with koi!

just wonderin if ya could make this origami:
its a space ship transformer! ive already made one myself... trust me use BIG paper i didnt use big Enough diagrams are at the bottom of screen.


just wondering why dont you make anything by shafer?
hes made some REALLY hard thing like the flasher hat (took me 6 months!)

Just to let you know

just to let you no the date on the bottom of screen is wrong it says "2007-2009" is should be "2007-2010".

(sorry if there is a reason)

DID U know uve got more

DID U know uve got more scales than robert j lang

Number of scales

I worked with a 30 by 30 grid, as suggested in the book. I only finished the ones that are visible, though, so I didn't fold a full 900 scales. I'm not sure how many Robert Lang folded on his models, but I agree that my scales look a bit smaller in relation to the fish.

-- Sara

nice work

where did you get the paper for this? i've been looking to do this model but I can't find the paper big enough.

Paper source

I had a hard time finding this paper, too. I bought it in a local specialist paper store ( They carry rolls of Japanese paper, and I bought 2 meters (1 of which I used). It's not the cheapest stuff, and not as crisp as I would have wished. But I'm very happy to have found this source of large paper!

-- Sara