Valentine (Robert Lang)

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Valentine (Robert Lang)

Someone emailed me asking me about step 28 of this model, so I gave it a try. It's probably a good model for Valentine's Day, with the heart and arrow and all.
I first folded it with normal origami paper (65gsm, 15cm square), and that worked quite well. But since I ran out of red origami paper some time ago, the model was no good for a nice picture. So I searched my supplies, and found this red-gold foil. It's a nice effect, but you have to be very careful not to rip the foil while folding. So it took me an hour to complete the model with foil (considerably longer than my first fold). Ugh! Kids, do not try this at home! Use normal paper, seriously.

Folded on 13 January 2009
Paper: 22.5cm square of foil-paper-foil
Model size: length of arrow 14.5cm, height of heart 7.5cm


Did you change the end of the

Did you change the end of the arrow because the shape of it is different from the one i folded

Final shaping: to taste

Hm, I don't think so. But really, the arrow head is just final shaping, so you can adjust it as you like. :)

-- Sara

Love This!

Oh, I love this and and it's just in time for the big "Love" day a couple of days from now! Well done. Excellent video too! My cousins got me into origami a couple of years ago and though I don't do it as much as I'd like, this post has motivated me to get out my paper and get to playing again! Thanks for the tip about the difficulty with the foil - that will save some crying eyes for sure!
- Sally

thank you

why does the level say its intermediate when in the video it says its high intermediate. By the way I love the video. Thank you so much.


sara do you have any suggestions on where i could buy the foil paper you used for the scorpionin the sped up video.would wal mart have it.

Buying wrapping paper for origami

I'm not sure. I bought it here at WHSmith, which is a stationary store.
You should look for foil wrapping paper. It's best suitable if the back (white) feels very similar to office paper, and the front (foil) does not feel plasticy. Before I buy wrapping paper I usually fold a small corner of the paper. If the paper doesn't just fold back, and there a crease visible after unfolding, it will probably do. If either of those don't work, it's probably going to be challenging to work with that paper.
I find you learn with time what works as origami paper, and what doesn't. I can tell you that I bought some paper that just was no good in the beginning...


since you have not made a video in a while and valentines is coming up can you make a video then.

Video available

Thanks for posting picture

Thanks for posting beautiful picture. It came out gorgeous... even prettier than the one in the instruction book.

Good luck with your studies BTW. Thanks again for the step 28 video. It worked out fine for me after the video clip.

Really Cute!

This is a real cute model and that too you have published it in time for Valentine's Day! :) You really must be having a huge collection of Origami Books by now!


muy bueno estaria bien el video... esta publicado??

is pretty god, where are the video??

Very Cool!!!

Nice Model is very cool!!!!!
cool for the valentine day
if you have tieme
please make a tutorial!!!


another one...

Another good model would be Jeremy Shafer's peace crane pop up card