Valentine (Robert Lang): Instructions



On part three around 8:25, im not sure how far im supposed to fold the arrow. I'd appreciate it if you would help me. thanks

What type of paper your using

What type of paper your using in the video and where can i buy it?

Kraft paper

I am using Kraft paper, which is widely available in Germany (as wrapping paper). I am sorry, I do not know where you can buy it in your part of the world.

-- Sara

i wanna do a high

i wanna do a high intermediate model and wanted to know if this model is a good one to start with

Some words of "wisdom"

Well, I have to admit that the categorization of difficulty level is not an easy - and definitely no standardized - task. I try to keep at least my own ratings consistent, but I know for a fact that some will disagree with my ratings. A few will say some of my complex stuff isn't, but many more will say that some of my (high) intermediate is complex - or my simple stuff is already intermediate.

After this disclaimer I will have to say that I do believe this is a good example of a high intermediate model. Some harder to perform steps (e.g. the wrap around for the color change on the arrow), but all in all nothing that should cause huge trouble. Paper choice is relatively open, too. If I remember correctly this video should be relatively clear, but also looking at the diagrams is (as always) surely a great help. So if you do have the book, I'd suggest using one and taking the other as reference when somethings not quite clear.

And finally my standard answer: I do not know your skill level, so you will have to decide for yourself whether to try the model. My take on it is this: give it a try, if you find it challenges you too much, come back to it later. There is no shame in admitting you are not quite ready. I've done this several times myself. If you succeed already, congrats. :)

-- Sara


thanks for the video. it was realy good and detailed.


Sara, I need help with the second part of the video as i am just a kid but, u explained it well.


More info please

Please tell me at which time point you are having problems.

-- Sara


will u please make a pdf of the diagrams for robert langs valentine i don't ever hav much time on the comp. i would surely appreciate it

No pdf diagrams

Diagrams are in the book Origami Design Secrets. And it's well worth buying.

-- Sara


Sara, thanks for the video diagram! I was getting stuck on a few steps and it really cleared them up for me. Hopefully my wife will enjoy the homemade valentine!


hey! Your hand is better sara! This valentine video is very impressive and it "blends in" with valentine's day theme. By the way I was thinking of making a video on Dave Brill's ashtray. I already received permission from him.

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