Kirigami Firmament (Ramin Razani)

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Kirigami Firmament (Ramin Razani)


Kirigami eh?

Ahh I like that you're trying kirigami now. I was actually really into kirigami and pop-up cards before getting into origami, but I always made up my own designs instead of trying others. I didn't even know there were books for these sorts of things! Thanks for posting this, it has re-kindled my interest in this art, and I think I may buy this book and try it out.


Sara you did a little spelling mistake with the kirigami tou write kirmigami ckeck it out


Ah, indeed. Thanks for pointing this out. It's strange how you sometimes don't see the most obvious typos yourself.

-- Sara

Well yeah that's true!!!!!!

Well yeah that's true!!!!!! And sorry for being so pushy and for posting comments here and there for the vixen but can you please make a video on it?I know it's getting annoying but i just love it