Kirigami Quetzalcoatl (Ramin Razani)

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Kirigami Quetzalcoatl (Ramin Razani)


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What is Kirigami Quetzalcoatl?

I've heard of Origami. I don't know if that has any relation to this. However, if it does, what is the difference between the two?

Cutting vs Not Cutting

Kirigami is about cutting and folding paper. I especially appreciate about Ramin Razani's work that he usually only adds cuts to the paper, but doesn't remove parts of it. So if you lie the model flat, you will see the full original sheet still.
For collapsing these kirigami models, origami skills can be helpful, and both require a good feeling for paper.
In summary: the main difference is that in kirigami you cut the paper, in origami you usually don't. And if you do, those cuts won't have as prominent of a role as in kirigami models, which really live from the cutting you do.


Great!!!. . . what is it??? looks like a lion in "recent post", but looks like a dragon up-Close!

"Feathered serpent"