Spiky Star (David Brill): Instructions

Paper ratio: 
Difficulty Level: 
Diagrams included in the book: 

In the video, the modules used were folded from 52.5mm by 74.5mm sheets of paper. The resulting model has a diameter of approximately 13cm.



I know the paper is A-sized but what is the specified A-sized paper?

Exact size: A8

Not sure what the question is, really. Below the video it says: "In the video, the modules used were folded from 52.5mm by 74.5mm sheets of paper. The resulting model has a diameter of approximately 13cm." which gives you the exact size of the paper used. These are the dimensions of A8 paper.

-- Sara


Sara do you know if the book is out of print????????

Out of print

Yes, "Brilliant Origami" went out of print some time ago. I saw that the book is still available from some sellers on amazon, but I am guessing with the years it will get harder and harder to get your hands on a copy. So if you want the book, better get it soon!

-- Sara

Failed attempt

Hi Sara!
I was just wondering what the material of the paper used in this video is?
In case you want to know, I am wondering because I had to abandon all attempts to fold this model soon after starting, as the paper was too thin, or weak, of soft or whatever: soon after beginning assembly of the modules, the model would start collapsing in on itself, or sag on what ever surface I had it on. I wold rather not share the results of trying to hang this model from a string in the ceiling.

Office paper

In this video I used coloured office paper. Ofiice paper usually has 80gsm and is indeed slightly heavier than most origami paper.

-- Sara


how hard is this module compared to fireworks or double star flexicube?

Somewhere inbetween

I haven't folded these in a while, but I think it should be easier than the star flexicube and a bit harder than the fireworks.

-- Sara

wow you do cool origami

wow your origami instructions rock
i would like to donate but you know imma kid :D
i dont get money haha nice work where did you get that big paper for that cuckoo clock by the way

have you noticed?

have you noticed that the Spiky Star is a stellated form of a cuboctahedron?


But the whole video is very clear.

comment on the video

Dear Sara:

There is just one thing I have to comment on your video tutorial.
Instead of making another part of a video about the assembly, why couldn't you just show how to make a three module assembly and a four module assembly and fast forward the video, since you already showed that every three module point is surrounded by three four-module points and every four module point is surrounded by four three-module points.

This is why

I've found when I fast-forward my folding I get quite a few responses from people that say I shouldn't do so. Th have trouble with following along. Anyone who's somewhat more advanced can simply skip the part of the video, because it is just repetitive. It's help for others, so I guess there's not much hurt in keeping normal speed for those sequences.

equality of size

Isn't 1:square root of two equal to a silver rectangle? I found this info in thoki yenn's diagrams.


Indeed it is. It is the ratio that is used in A-sized paper.

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