Jack in a Box


oh im sorry i didnt know i

oh im sorry i didnt know i did that sorry

whats size paper did you use

whats size paper did you use can you tell me what 2:1 equals in centimeters or inches

Starting size

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I honestly don't know anymore. However, one could guess that the side length of the box in the video was say... 5cm. Then the paper I started with would have had to have the dimensions 30cm by 60cm. I think what you really want to know is which size paper to start with to get a box of a specific size. So: If you want your box to have a side length of x cm, then start with a sheet with the dimensions of 12*x cm by 6*x cm.

-- Sara

why does your jack not come out right?

i used copy paper and my jack comes out by himself, but, ur box is better

Wrong paper choice

That's because I used wrapping paper, which was much too soft. Copy paper isn't soft, so the spring will be stiff enough to expand with enough power.

-- Sara

Help for step 12

Hi Sara
I have started to fold the Jack in the box but i can't make step 12. What should I pull out?
Can you help me, please?

More info needed

You'll have to tell me which step 12 you are having trouble with - the box, the spring, or the jack?

-- Sara

Already solved

A friend of me came to me and helped.
But although thanks.

that's one cute design,

that's one cute design, really love the end result. I am not good at folding papers to make something like this unless it's a paper rocket..lol. but will check your pdf diagrams to see whether I can do it. :D


im having trouble with the

im having trouble with the lid can u tell me how do u make it? thx!!


Thats cool and awesome!!

Please make a jack in a box video

I have only made one origami module which is called Fireworks and I am starting to like origami and I am asking if you can please make a video on how to made a Jack in a Box because its my next project.

Thank you.


thank you.
Big fan.

can you make a video on the jack in a box?

Can you please make a video tutorial on the jack in a box on your next post? The diagrams are kind of hard to understand. I would really appreciate it if you made a tutorial on the jack in the box.


I was trying to fold the jack in the box with the diagrams but it is way to hard could you maybe do a video because a lot of your videos have helped me through really hard models for me Please I would appreiciate it a lot


You must see Max Hulmes Jack-in-the-Box. One Piece 2x1 - the best there is (yet) in my opinion. Published in Eric Kenneway's ABC of Origami. First Published in Bos Magazine 61 - illustrated by myself.
Diagrams available from the British Origami Society Library.

Best Wishes



That's an awesome jack in the box you got there... I've seen the diagrams for it and sadly, get lsot on the pre-creases. Anyways, it would be sweet if you could make a movie on how to fold it.

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