Time-Lapse: Adulthood (Ilan Garibi and Hagay Golan)

Adams, Sara
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Tessellations and Fractals
Square Grid
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Origami Time-Lapse: Tessellation "Adulthood" (Ilan Garibi and Hagay Golan)

Tutorial: next week!

Paper used in this video: square with a side length of 23 cm (9 in), kami
Model: square with a side length of 13 cm (5 in), height of 7 mm (0.3 in)

This video shows how I fold the origami tessellation "Adulthood" designed by Ilan Garibi and Hagay Golan.
Ilan kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you.

Diagrams are published in the book "Origami Tessellations for Everyone" by Ilan Garibi

Actual folding time: 1 hour (including explanations)
Music: "About That Oldie" by Vibe Tracks

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