It's always useful to have a comprehensive list of helpful origami websites. Rather than linking to all the fantastic pages out there, I've decided to link to one page, which already has a list that I couldn't beat: OrigamiDB List

Having said that, I will link to some of my favourite websites here:
Wondering where to find diagrams to that awesome model you saw? Or not sure whether you want to buy a book? Check David Lister's origami database to find out where models are diagrammed, or which diagrams are included in a book. It also features links to many origami websites, and pictures of folded models. This is the origami page I probably visit most often, and that I have found to be a superb resource.
My above claim that I visit most often is probably not true. I'm a member of the origami forum located at, and that's probably the page I do visit most often. You can find help on diagrams there, post what you've folded lately, and start or join discussions that interest you.
Another page you might want to consult when thinking about your next origami book purchase is Gilad has posted several book reviews, I cannot imagine what his library must look like. The site also features an extensive gallery and diagrams to some of Gilad's creations.
The British Origami Society is definitely worth joining. The website doesn't provide online diagrams, but it's a great place to get paper and booklets at. There's also a list of upcoming origami events, and a gallery of previous events.
Robert Lang is possibly my most favourite origami creator out there. His website features pictures of his simply astonishing folds, but more importantly: a section on the science of origami, including the ReferenceFinder, a program that calculates folding sequences for reference points you specify. May I also recommend his books – his diagrams are some of the clearest I've encountered so far.
I came to appreciate Alex Barber's page mostly due to the online diagrams that it provides. This is where I found the first diagrams I folded from. Ah, nostalgia...
Joseph Wu provides has a great list of origami pages, and of course many pictures. He also provides quite a few diagrams, including the eastern dragon I've come to love.
Stephen O'Hanlon provides lots of online diagrams on his page, pictures of some of his creations, and a short list of origami websites that I keep on returning to.
Michael LaFosse has created many absolutely beautiful models, I most admire his butterflies. This page features some instructional videos he created. If you're hungry for more, you can also buy DVDs with more of his work. read more