Money donations

I am very thankful for any donations to this project. Money donated to will be used for

  • supporting the server this website is running on
  • buying origami paper or origami books
  • any other costs this project causes.

You can send me a letter with your donation. Alternatively, you can donate via Paypal, a safe and easy method of transferring money worldwide:

Paper and diagram donations

I am equally grateful for other donations. I'd love you to send me some special paper, maybe your personal favorite - or just some paper you thought looked interesting. I think I've got enough plain paper by now, so if you have limited resources, why not write a letter instead, and maybe include a model you folded?

Also very much appreciated are diagrams, whether in a book, booklets, or even your hand-drawn versions. By the way, you can check which books I already own.

Model donations

You've got a fold you're proud of, possibly even by following one of my videos? Well, why don't you send it to me? It'd be great to see what you're folding out there. You can send me an email with a picture of the model, or a letter including a folded model - or make a video yourself and post it as a video response on YouTube!

And, of course, there's the "Your Origami Folds" series. There I show pictures of the models you folded following one of my instructional video. Each month concentrates on a different model, which I always announce in the most recent "Your Origami Folds" video. Do consider taking part, I love seeing you work and connecting with you all out there!