Authored Articles

Here's a list of articles I've written that are published on other sites:

Video Creation Guide

These articles are published both here and in OrigamiUSA's The Fold.
Making Video Diagrams: A Comprehensive Guide (November 2010): happyfolding, The Fold
Video Diagramming: Asking for Permission - the Why and How (January 2011): happyfolding, The Fold
Preparing for the Recording - Materials and Insights (March 2011): happyfolding, The Fold
Recording the Video - What to Watch out For (May 2011): happyfolding, The Fold
Editing: How the Magic Paper Works (September 2011): happyfolding, The Fold
Finalizing the Video - Closed Captions, Uploading, and the Like (December 2011): happyfolding, The Fold

Book Reviews

"Spiral: Origami | Art | Design" by Tomoko Fuse (June 2012)
"Origami for All" by Ioana Stoian (June 2013)
"Origami Butterflies" by LaFosse and Alexander (July 2013)
"New Expressions in Origami Art" by Meher McArthur (April 2017)
"Origami All Kinds: Single Sheet and Modular Designs" by Meenakshi Mukerji (July 2017)

Convention Reports

BOS Autumn 2013 Convention: Edinburgh, UK (September 2013)


"Patty Bat" by Talo Kawasaki (October 2012)
"Star Hilli" by Klaus-Dieter Ennen (December 2012)
"Home Is Where the Heart Is" by Sara Adams (March 2020)
"Clover Heart 3" by Meenakshi Mukerji (May 2020)
"#Stay_Home_Stay_Alive" by Sampreet Manna (June 2020)


Diagrams and Videos: Valentine's Day Models (February 2011)
Publicizing Books Online (July 2011)
Tessellations and How to Get Started (June 2012)
Video Tutorials Then and Now (April 2017)


Interview: Sara Adams - Promoting Origami (TheFold, March 2013)
Interview: Sara Adams - Teaching and Spreading Origami (Neorigami, February 2013, access: neorigami)

Model Surveys

2018: Year of the Dog (January 2018)
14+ House and Heart Models (April 2020)
33 House and Heart Models: An Update (June 2020)