Coloring paper and folding it into "Star Festival": real time (1.5 hours)

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
16 units
Paper ratio: 

Origami ASMR: Coloring paper and folding "Star Festival" by Nobuko Okabe

Do you simply enjoy watching someone coloring paper and folding it? Then this video is for you!
The first 46 minutes of the video I color the corners of the paper to get a specific effect on the finished model. Folding starts at 46:25 minutes.

Paper: 16 squares of printer paper, each with a side length of 15 cm or 6 in
Finished model: diameter of 16 cm or a bit over 6 1/4 in.

There's a tutorial for this model here! It shows 5 different variants of the model, plus the option to fold a cone-shaped version from fewer modules. So if you also enjoy folding paper yourself, do check it out!

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