Folding Dollar Umulius Rectangulum (Thoki Yenn): real-time (40 minutes)

Adams, Sara
Model type: 
6 units
Money Folds
Paper ratio: 
US Dollar Bill (2.61 : 6.14)

Origami ASMR: Dollar Impossible Rectangle "Umulius Rectangulum" aka Magic Rings (Thoki Yenn)

Paper used in this video: 6 $1 bills
Finished model: side length of 7 cm or 2 3/4 in

Do you enjoy watching and listening to someone folding paper? Then this video is for you! There's no talking, only the paper being creased speaks. :)

Here, I fold six US dollar bills into the modular origami model "Umulius Rectangulum" designed by Thoki Yenn.
The model is also known as the magic rings, impossible rectangle, Umulius Rectangle or even "Borromean Rings": three rings linked in a way that by removing any one ring the other two aren't linked anymore, either.

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