Subreddit r/happyfolding

Back in 2014 and 2015 I had a series called "Your Origami Folds" where I showed photos of your folds in a video. I'd like to revive that series, or allow you all to share your folds with me - and others - more easily. Someone suggested that I try out Reddit.
So a month ago, I joined Reddit and started exploring it. And I decided to create a subreddit for happyfolding: r/happyfolding.

I'd love for you to post photos, or links to photos, of your folds following one of my tutorials. Like this I can see your folds all in one place, as can others. I know many of you post your folds on your websites or social media, such as Instagram, Flickr and Facebook. Some also send me emails. I always love seeing your folds!But because the photos are posted in different places, they can be hard to find for me and also fellow folders. I hope to bring all of those wonderful contributions together in one place: r/happyfolding.

You can post your pictures there and optionally give me permission to use the photo in my videos, in particular the "Your Origami Folds" series if I take it up again. For this, I've set up a couple of flairs to make it easier for me and others to filter for a specific model. To start, I've added one for the Clover or Hydrangea Heart by Meenakshi Mukerji, and one for my "Home is where the heart is". If you include "YOF" in the title of your submission, you'll also get a quick reminder about the permission clause to include to allow me to use that photo in a video.
Or you can submit suggestions for models for future videos and others can upvote them. I'll periodically check those when deciding on which models to present in the future and take into account their popularity.

I hope this will help us all connect even more.
And with that I wish you all, as always, happy folding!

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