Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): Front View


how hard is this model from 1-10? and wats size and type paper should i use?

I'd rate it to be a 9 or 10, i.e. super complex. You need to use large paper, Satoshi Kamiya recommends a 50cm square. I've folded this model from double tissue, which works well.

-- Sara

Hi Sara,

When I make tissue foil to fold this model, I always get air bubbles, and my paper is aall wrinkly at the end, so it is impossible to fold. Do you have a way to prevent this? Thanks so much:)


Have you watched my video on how I make double tissue? http://www.happyfold...
In particular, I've found that if I don't pull the paper down while applying the glue mixture more bubbles will form. Additionally, I stroke out air bubbles after I've applied a coat of glue. You have to be careful with this as not to rip the paper, though.

Hope this helps,

-- Sara

No, the first 12 steps are relitivaly easy if you know your folds (examples:squash,river, and, mountain. If you can do all these folds you can do this dragon an your fourth or fith try but, only if you are a master like Sara Adams. =Zac

Just curious, did you get it on the first try? You seem like a very advanced origami artist. But, I have always wondered. :)

This fold is actually one that Satoshi Kamiya did. I folded the model, too, but it looks a bit different. ;)
But to answer your question: no, I did not manage to fold the ancient dragon on my first try. It was more like 4 tries or so, several months passing between each attempt.

-- Sara

hello pulling my hair out making this dragon so many steps seem confusing in the diagrams. can you please help me with these steps? I do the sink but it ends up still separated once I flatten like in step 78. maybe I should give up and fold another

Thanks for reply and link sara but it seems to be an old post and the links to their photos no longer work, I am using 25 cm paper which i know is to small but i'm just practicing the steps but this one does my head in. is anyone making this at the moment? if so help with this step and others would be much appreciated as i have only been folding for a month, I just finished kade chans fiery dragon (which was simple compared to this) and i wanted something more challenging. I sure got what i asked for!!!

You can always reask the question. You'll see that the latest post was made a couple of days ago. Also, have you checked whether your question was answered later again, but with still available images? I only checked the last page, but there were images for step 83, which is close to the steps you asked for.

-- Sara

hay Sara I figured out this step, finally. thanks for your help in directing me to the forums.

i'm am failing to finish step 83. can anyone show me a link to a video that will show me how to do it? please?

this is :) dissacountable. Because origami is where become from a path of a notebook or just a paper

I have problems with the ancient dragon step 80-81 to.
I opened the flap and tried to sink it (step 80).
Now I have found 2 solutions to do that, but both gives problems for step 81.

Please can you help me? It's for a schoolproject about my hobbys.
thanks (and sorry for my bad english)

I actually successfully made this model with a sheet of 50x50 cm vellum paper which worked really well.

is that a pheonix 3.5 in the backround?


i'm using 20x20 origami paper to fold the ancient dragon even though it says that i need 50x50 and i don't know where to get the paper from without getting rectangular paper. where can i get big square good paper? if anyone could answer this it would be a huge help.

Could you please send me the a nakip with the first three folds I think I could go from there


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