Giveaway Day 6 of 10: 10 years on YouTube

Origami Giveaway Day 6 of 10 (Celebrating 10 years on YouTube)

To take part:
1. Subscribe to my channel:
2. Comment on using the hashtag #myresources and let me know which resources you use. This can include tools like I introduced here, but also books, online diagrams, videos, etc.
Deadline: July 8th 2017

To celebrate my 10-year YouTube anniversary and to thank you for all your support throughout the years, I'm doing 10 days of giveaways and this is the sixths day!

Today's prize: 5 pen cases from Neo Critz, including a bone folder, an embossing stylus, a metal ruler, and an envelope opener for quickly and easily cutting paper.

Where to buy:

Neo Critz
Try searching your local Amazon page for it. Or check out https://www.jetpens....

Embossing stylus
Again, search on Amazon for embossing stylus or a dotting tool. Your local drugstore might also carry these in the nail polish section, as some people use them for nail art.

Envelope opener
Quite a bunch of online origami shop sell them, as they work really well. For example, try https://www.origami-... or https://origamiusa.o...

Steel ruler and bone folder
These are widely available. You can try your local art store or online shops that sell craft supplies.

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