Find below a list of origami resources I own. I have linked to pages where you can buy some of the books online. They may be available elsewhere, but this is where I bought them personally. Also check my wishlist!



Available at Origami USA

Lovely Flower Origami by Yamaguchi
In Japanese.
Origami Flowers by Hayashi
2007 Origami Collections by Origami USA
Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Michael LaFosse's Origami Butterflies by Richard L. Alexander & Greg Mudarri
Also see: Gilad's Book Review

Available at

Licence to Fold by Nicolas Terry
Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Origami for Interpreters by Román Díaz
Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Papirolandia 1 by Fernando Gilgado Gómez
Papirolandia 2 by Fernando Gilgado Gómez
Passion Origami by Nicolas Terry
Works of Satoshi Kamiya 1995-2003 by Satoshi Kamiya(2005)
If you're in for a challenge, this book is for you. Be prepared for models that need many hours of folding and extreme precision! The book is in both English and Japanese. High intermediate to super complex. Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Origami Tanteidan 14th Convention
This book contains both modular and non-modular pieces, and complexity ranges from simple to super-complex. The book is partly in Japanese, and partly in English. Can I be any less specific? I added the table of contents to the origami database, but I admit to being too lazy to adding the complexity of the models. You can also buy the book from, which is where I bought it. Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Origami Tanteidan 15th Convention
This book has almost only single-sheets folds in it, which makes it a special goodie for me. As with previous editions, the diagrams in the first part are in Japanese, and those in the second part mostly in English. I added the table of contents to the origami database, but I admit to being too lazy to adding the complexity of the models. You can also buy the book from, which is where I bought it. And you can check what I've already folded from the book here.

Available at

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10-Fold Origami: Fabulous Paperfolds You Can Make in Just 10 Steps! by Peter Engel
Origami Polyhedra Design by John Montroll
Origami Flowers by Hiromi Hayashi
らせんを折ろう (Roses, Origami, and Mathematics, ISBN 4-627-01671-9) by Toshikazu Kawasaki (English version on Amazon)
In Japanese. Also see: Gilad's Book Review (on the English version)
The Art and Wonder of Origami by Kunihiko Kasahara
The Great Origami Book by Zülal Aytüre-Scheele
Complete Origami by Eric Kenneway
Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Fabulous Origami Boxes by Tomoko Fuse
Origami Tessellations by Eric Gjerde
If you want to know more about tessellations and how to fold them, this is the book for you. It first explains the basic folds (such as grids, twists, etc), and then moves on to projects. The projects increase in difficulty, ranging from beginners over intermediate to advanced. I've folded a couple of models from this book and must say: I'm hooked!
Ornamental Origami by Meenakshi Mukerji
Origami for the Connoisseur by Kunihiko Kasahara and Toshie Takahama (1987)
This is an excellent book, divided into two sections: the first is all about geometric forms, and the second features animals and plants. It's a collection of models by various designers. Simple to high intermediate. Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Origami Sea Life by John Montroll and Robert J. Lang (1990)
This book not only includes great designs, the authors also rated their difficulty. This is great if you're not sure which models to attempt first. Simple to high intermediate. Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Mythological Creatures and the Chinese Zodiac in Origami by John Montroll (1996)
The title itself is quite descriptive in what to expect in this book. I'd probably say the three-headed dragon is my favourite model from this book. Simple to high intermediate. Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Origami Zoo by Robert J. Lang and Stephen Weiss (1990)
This book not only includes beautiful animal designs, but also a section explaining all "basic" folds needed in the book. Low intermediate to high intermediate. Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Brilliant Origami by David Brill (1996)
Quite a few models in this book need unconventional paper sizes (i.e. not squares), but the models are simply beautiful. If you like 3D animal designs, you'll especially treasure this book. Low intermediate to high intermediate. Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Origami Insects and Their Kin by Robert J. Lang (1995)
Robert Lang is well known for his intricate insect designs. Indeed, he published a second book on Origami Insects in 2003. As you'd expect, folding the models is as elaborate as you'd think, but definitely worth the work. High intermediate to complex. Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art by Robert J. Lang (2003)
Although the book is worth buying for the diagrams in it by themselves, this work includes much more. It also describes techniques, and gives you an insight into how to create your own designs. Highly recommended for any advanced folder! Intermediate to super complex. Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Advanced Origami by Michael LaFosse (2005)
This book not only features some beautiful designs, but also a whole section on how to make your own paper. Difficulty still to be rated. Also see: Gilad's Book Review

Not available for purchase online

折り紙ワンダーランド 2: 折り紙スパイラル (Origami Spirals, ISBN 4-480-87262-0) by Tomoko Fuse
In Japanese. Also see: TOC on
らせんを折ろう (Let's fold Spirals, ISBN 4-480-87202-7) by Tomoko Fuse
In Japanese. Also see: TOC on
Sozo suru Origami Asobi eno Shotai (Invitation to Creative Playing with Origami) by Shuzo Fujimoto
This book includes geometric folds, modular designs, and tesselations. Instructions vary between crease patterns only, diagrams, and diagrams and photographs. I haven't had time to study it thoroughly yet, so rating its excellence will have to wait. In Japanese. Simple to high intermediate.
Mythical Beings by Jay Ansill
Gilad's Book Review
Origami – The Art of Paper-Folding by Robert Harbin
Printed in 1968, this is probably the first book that popularised Origami in Europe, or at least in the UK. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten hold of a copy of the fourth and final book in the row. I have to admit I bought these books more for nostalgic reasons than any other. There's interesting models included in the series, especially given the time it was published.
More Origami – The Art of Paper-Folding No.2 by Robert Harbin
see above
Origami 3 – The Art of Paper-Folding by Robert Harbin
see above
CDO Convention Book December 2009 by Centro Diffusione Origami
includes diagrams for Vespa 50 Special by Federico Scalambra, Pasta by Alessandro Beber, Ceramica Vietrese (tea set) by Pasquale D'Auria, Le Frecce Tricolori (fighter jet) by Francesco Decio, Marostica, La Piazza (Scacciera)(chess board) by Francesco Decio, Indovina Cos'e' Ballerina (ballerina) by Pasquale D'Auria, Indovina Cos'e' Scala (stairs) by Pasquale D'Auria, Lotto / La Smorfia / 1 / L'Italia (digit 1) by Francesco Decio, Pulcinella (mask) by Francesco Miglionico, Torre Di Pisa (Tower of Pisa) by Gerwin Sturm, Meringa Ottogonale (octagonal merningue) by Philip Chapman-Bell (CP only), Trastevere Tassellation by Christiane Bettens Melisande (CP only), 6 Dodecaedro Incastrati (6 intersecting dodecahedra) by Jorge Pardo, Palla Egiziana (Egyptian Ball) by Jorge Pardo, Palla Esagonale (Hexagon Ball) by Jorge Pardo, Vortici (Vortices) by Jorge Pardo, Stella Cappucciona (Cappuccuina Star) by Jorge Pardo, Stella Pajarita ("Pajarita" Star) by Jorge Pardo, Minotaurus by Satoshi Kamiya, Rana (Frog) by Paul Jackson, Labbra in Movimento (Moving Lips) by Miri Golan, Chiocciola (Snail) by Jonathan Jackson, Zidoaco Segnalibro (Zodiac Signs, 12 models) by Luigi Lonardi, Non Vedo, Non Parlo, Non Sento, Ma Piego (I do not feel, I cannot see, I do not speak, but I fold paper) by Luciano Petino, Scimmietta Segnalibro (Monkey Bookmark) by Luciano Petino, Porta CD/DVD Doppio in A3 (CD case for 2 discs, from A3 paper) by Luciano Petino, Busta in A4 (Envelope) by Luciano Petino, Modulo Budino (Pudding Module) by Alberto Carminati, Gattino Debitore(Guilty Kitten) by Carlo Mugnai, Construzione Di Poligoni Regolari Modulari (Modular Construction of Regular Polygons, 14 models) by Enrica Dray, Bronzo di Uomo a Cavallo Monumento A Pietro il Grande, Russia, San Petroburgo (Statue of Peter the Great on a Horse, with a snake) by V. Serova & V. Serov, Albero Di Natale (Christmas Tree) by Pasquale D'Auria, Twistar by Luigi Midali, Magnolia Stellata (Starlike Magnolia) by Luigi Midali, Portafoto Due Cuori (Frame with Two Hearts) by Luigi Midali, i...SPIRA...zione (Spiral) by Francesco Decio, Cornice by Marcio Noguchi


Fun with Origami Decorations by Richard Saunders
This booklet includes diagrams for eight decoration projects. Simple.
Furniture by Neal Elias
Wedge Flexicube by David Brill (2006)
Also see: Gilad's Book Review
Seated Cat by Dave Brill (2007)
Also see: Gilad's Book Review
My Fundamentals by Kunihiko Kasahara (1999)
Also see: Gilad's Book Review
F-14 Tomcat by Michael LaFosse
Veiltail Angelfish by Satoshi Kamiya
Handed out by the man himself at the workshop he held at the 27th CDO Convention, December 2009.
Orison 20/01 (2004) by Origami Sociëteit Nederland
includes diagrams for Koolmees (Birdie) by Paul Jackson, Menustandaard (Menu Stand) by Gay Merrill Gross, Pinguïn (Penguin) by Stephen Weiss, Briefje voor Gelukwens met Hart (Gretting Card with Heart) by David Derudas, Jubileummodel: Nabi hart (Heart) by Elsje van der Ploeg, Combi-envelope by Yvonne Hulsman, Vessel by Noriko Nagata, Gestreepte Kusudama by Tomoko Fuse, Yoshizawa's aap van een dollarbiljet by Herman Lau, Lovebirds by Francies Ow,
Voglia di griglie by Centro Diffusione Origami

British Origami Issues

British Origami Issue 242
includes diagrams for Dalai Llama (Rodrigo salazar Jeldres), Ships passing in the night (Herman Van Goubergen), A four-point star with 22.5 degree points (Ralph Jones), 22.5 degree Isosceles Triangle Stellation Module (Ralph Jones), Green Dragon (David Chan)
British Origami Issue 243
includes diagrams for Goblin Gargoyle Mask (Rikki Donachie), Strechit (Bob Neale), Magic Tipper (Seiryo Takegawa), Longhorn Crab Beetle (Tim Hunderwood)
British Origami Issue 244
includes diagrams for Snowdrop Flower and Stem (Ted Norminton), Bat X (Bruno Ferraz), Star-on-star, with four-points at 15 degrees (Ralph Jones), Rosa (Dibujos V. Palacios), Chick (Kunihiko Kasahara); crease pattern for Dearf (Eric Joisel)
British Origami Issue 245
includes diagrams for Baby Elephant (Joseph Wu), Tumbler (Seiryo Takegawa), Bear Cub (John Morgan), Knight (Paul Hanson), L-Cube (Miyuki Kawamura); crease patterns for Vases-Bottles (Eric Joisel)
British Origami Issue 246
includes diagrams for Kimono Heart (Paula Versnick), Cat (Eric Joisel), Card Wallet (Ralph Matthews), Clarissa's Star (Carmen Sprung), Xmas Decoration (Fred Rohm)
British Origami Issue 247
includes diagrams for Cube Illusions (Mick Guy), BOS Butterfly (Robert Lang), Cat 7 (Edwin Corrie), Decoration (Florence Temko), Elephant (John Morgan)
British Origami Issue 248
includes diagrams for Sword (Xander D. Arena), Rat (John Morgan), 1,2,3 Hello Chaplin!! (Shoko Aoyagi), Screecher (Giles), Variation for Tomoko Fuse's "Woven Cuboctahedron" (Ralph Jones)
British Origami Issue 249
includes diagrams for Block Origami Shower (Yoshio Sato), Cashew Dish (Boaz Shuval), Flapping Bird with Legs (Peter Buchan), Rhino (Siôn Mosler), CP for Angel Playing a Lute (Fumiaki Kawahata)
British Origami Issue 250
includes diagrams for Panda (Román Díaz), Butterfly Ring (Saburo Kase), Dual Modular Concave Rhombic Dodecahedron (Maekawa Jun), Knee Deep! Knee Deep! (Rikki Donachie), $ Two Handled Spoon (Asghar Malik), Polyhedra and the FIT (Thomas Hull), Gorilla (Mark Bolitho), Modular 3B (Denver Lawson)
British Origami Issue 251
includes diagrams for Tit (Victoria Serova), Arum Lily ( Quentin Trollip), Piggy Banknote (Max Hulme), Albatross (John Morgan), Striped Tetrahedron (John Montroll)
British Origami Issue 252
includes diagrams for Noah's Ark (Tony O'Hare), Xmas Wreath (Loes Schakel), Tree v2.1 (Peled Yehuda), Seed Packet (traditional), Travelling Glasses Pouch (Mick Guy), Silver and Golden Rectangles
British Origami Issue 253
includes diagrams for Wonderful Christmas Tree (Shoko Aoyagi), Flower Box (creator unknown), Father Christmas (Edwin Corrie), Babies Soother (E. F. Darwin), Hexahedron (Nick Robinson), Heffalump (Tony O'Hare)
British Origami Issue 254
includes diagrams for Devil (Robert Harbin), Eni6ma Cube / Icosahedron / FIT (Ilan Garibi), Spinning Top (Ilan Garibi), Jumping Kangaroo (Tony O'Hare)
British Origami Issue 255
includes diagrams for Envelope - CD cover v1.1 (Yehuda Peled), Tank (John Lo), Common Raven (Quentin Trollip), Harlequin Octahedron (Ilan Garibi), Jamnik / Dachshund (Artur Biernacki)
British Origami Issue 256
includes diagrams for Ruby Unit (Nick Robinson), Points-to-be-Hedron (Ilan Garibi), Triangular Box with Lid (Shoko Aoyagi), Box for Chicken Bones, Venus Flytrap (Robert Bradburne), Fly (Robert Bradburne), Panda (Robert Bradburne)
British Origami Issue 257
includes diagrams for Flower with Stem (Sharon Turvey), Jandorr Plant Pot (Maurice Larcombe), Self-Portrait (Hans Dybkjær), Butterfly Unit (Ilan Garibi), Dippy Dog (John Smith), Dinosaur (Asghar Malik), Stylish Chair (Monika Cilmi)
British Origami Issue 258
includes diagrams for Crazy Jack (Andrew Hudson), Gift note (Elsje van der Ploeg), Stick Insect (Robert Bradburne), Endless Modular (Ilan Garibi), RhoDoDe (Heinz Strobl), CP for Lizard (Steven Casey), Pirate's Cutlass (Tony O'Hare), Star Bowl (Florence Temko)
British Origami Issue 259
includes diagrams for Origami Five Pointed Star (Jonathan Blake), Wave Unit Variatons (Ilan Garibi), Perched Butterfly (Robert Bradburne), Spinning Top (Michel Grand), 4-Leaves Tato-Box (Christiane Bettens)
British Origami Issue 260
includes diagrams for Skier (Shoko Aoyagi), Acoustic Guitar (Matthew Wisby), Open Flame Box (Dennis Walker), Double Flame Box (Dennis Walker), Sidewinder (Mark Bolitho)