Guth, Hans-Werner

designed by Hans-Werner Guth

Jump (Hans-Werner Guth)

Guth, Hans-Werner
Adams, Sara
Review of the paper used: 

Hilli Zenz first showed me how to individualize paper using wallpaper paste and acrylic paint. She later also showed me how to fold the Jump module by Hans-Werner Guth. Although it's not something I highly recommend, I used the paper I made before for my first shot at folding "Jump". (Usually, I'd say first try it with basic paper to understand the concept, then move on to nice paper.) While the creases aren't perfect, I do love this model and the way it came out with my paper.

Paper: 12 sheets of 8.2cm squares (6 sheets of 80gsm + wallpaper paste, 6 sheets of 170gsm)