Diagrams are the medium used for communicating how to fold origami models. Most commonly, diagrams provide a step-by-step folding sequence. Each step is presented by showing an image of the folding process, and providing explanatory texts. The images usually use a set of standard origami symbols.
Another form of diagrams are crease patterns (CPs).

Croatian (Hrvatski)crtež
Croatian (Hrvatski)dijagram
Danish (Dansk)diagram
Dutch (Nederlands)diagrammen
Dutch (Nederlands)vouwtekeningen
French (Français)diagrammes
German (Deutsch)Faltanleitung
Hebrew (romanisation)tarshimim
Hebrew (עברית)תרשימים
Italian (Italiano)diagramma
Japanese (にほんご / 日本語)おりず
Japanese (にほんご / 日本語)折り図
Portuguese (Português)diagramas
Spanish (Español)diagramas
Swedish (Svenska)diagram