repeat Often, steps have to be repeated, and diagrams then omit those steps. Instead, an arrow with a dash through the middle indicates that the step needs to be repeated. Multiple dashes specify how many repetitions need to be executed. The most common expressions you read with repeat steps are "repeat on the other side" or "repeat behind".
Croatian (Hrvatski)ponoviti
Danish (Dansk)gentag
Dutch (Nederlands)herhalen
French (Français)répéter
German (Deutsch)wiederholen
Hebrew (romanisation)chazor
Hebrew (עברית)חזור
Italian (Italiano)ripetere
Japanese (にほんご / 日本語)くりかえす
Japanese (にほんご / 日本語)繰り返す
Portuguese (Português)repetir
Spanish (Español)repetir
Swedish (Svenska)likadant