Transparency view

Sometime it is helpful to see hidden layers of a model. In these cases, diagrams often use a transparency view or x-ray view. Either hidden edges are marked with dotted lines - or the top layer of paper is simply removed from the diagrams altogether.

Croatian (Hrvatski)pogled kroz slojeve
Danish (Dansk)røntgensyn
Dutch (Nederlands)röntgen weergave
Dutch (Nederlands)transparante weergave
Englishtransparency view
Englishx-ray view
French (Français)vue de transparence
French (Français)vue x-ray
German (Deutsch)Röntgenblick
Hebrew (romanisation)mabat rentgen
Hebrew (עברית)מבט רנטגן
Japanese (にほんご / 日本語)とうしず
Japanese (にほんご / 日本語)透視図
Spanish (Español)vision de rayos-x
Spanish (Español)vista transparente
Swedish (Svenska)röntgenbild