Lots of new technique videos

After a recording and editing marathon, I've added lots of new technique videos. They include tessellation techniques, as well as two videos on how to prepare origami paper. A video showing some of the tessellations I folded will be up in the next 2 hours or so.

And here they are:
How to fold a triangle grid
How to form a triangle twist
How to form a 120 degree pleat intersection
How to form a 120 degree inverted pleat intersection
How to form a 60 degree pleat intersection
How to form a hexagon twist
How to make tissue foil
How to make double tissue

Hope you have fun watching the new material. I know it took more than my usual month to upload the next video, but I hope that it was worth the wait. Also, I plan to make more tessellation technique videos. Still to come will probably be:

square grid (maybe)
90 degree pleat intersection
rabbit ear triangle sink
square twist
rhombus twist
open back triangle twist
open back square twist
open back hexagon twist

Those will have to wait for a bit, though. But hopefully the new videos should keep you busy for a while.

Happy folding and experimenting,

-- Sara



Thanks for the great ideas! I've never tried folding before - is it hard to begin?

rabbit ear triangle sink-- Need help

Dear Sara,

Sorry for troubling you by the previous message. I was making a big mistake of rotating paper by 120 degrees instead of 180 degrees in step 5 . Now I made it.

Sorry again,
Best regards,

rabbit ear triangle sink-- Need help

Dear Sara,

I was trying to make "rabbit ear triangle sink". I have "Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs"--Eric Gjerde, but not able to follow last step (p. 15, step 5). I am bite confused weather to do repeat steps 1to 4 (p. 15) on last two sides or only to one side. I am not getting Figure 43 (p. 15) after repeating 1 to 4 on one side.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

thanks for videos, i am

thanks for videos, i am waiting for the next ones :)

Thank you



Making Tissue Foil: Instructions

I live in Swiss , near Germany . In your Video: "Making Tissue Foil: Instructions" do you use a glu. What´s the name of the glue? Perhaps I can buy the same .

P.S Sorry for the bad English


Glue for "Making Tissue Foil" video

I use "Wandbelagskleber", the exact product is shown at http://www.metylan.de/Metylan-Ovalit-T.1362.0.html

-- Sara

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