Ground Beetle (John Montroll): Instructions

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Sara ???

How lenght of paper can we used to do it ???


Can u make a video with all ur books?

Hm, a bit much to show

You are aware of the fact that I have over 100 origami books, plus booklets and magazines? :)
(Not to mention all the non-origami related books I have...)

-- Sara


In the second part at 6:03 -- 6:04 the model magically changes, I'm supposing that those are reverse folding.

By the way I'm a huge fan :D.


is it possible to use kami for this model?


Yes, absolutely! But I'd suggest for your first try to use something larger than 15cm / 6in.

-- Sara


what paper is that?
at the centerfold "Doc" gave my brother a twister that had the same "plastic" look

Laminated paper

Actually in this video I use a kind of laminated paper that was sold as wrapping paper. It wasn't very good to fold with, let me tell you that. However, I do have other laminated paper that you can fold with quite well. (I cannot tell you a source, as I got this as a present.)

-- Sara

Double tissue!?

Hi Sara... Was just wondering if double tissue will be good for this model...


Yes, double tissue will work well with this model.

-- Sara

whats double tissue

whats double tissue

A paper type


What paper did you use in the video?

Wrapping paper

I used some low-quality wrapping paper. It's definitely not recommended for this model (or any other), but it worked well enough for demonstration purposes.

-- Sara


thank you so much for the video this was so fun to make and i think mine turned out pretty good


That's incredible! I'm still an amatuer folder, but maybe one day I will reach this level! How long did that take you the first time around?

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